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[A virtual appointment with Liora] was one of the best things I have done as a first time mother for my breastfeeding journey... Liora found that my baby had a shallow latch which was the root cause of my breastfeeding problems. I can't thank you [Liora] enough for the help. Just goes to show that even though you have an in person consultation (with someone else), that may not resolve the issues that you may be experiencing breastfeeding. Liora was super helpful and responsive when I had some more questions after our call." 

The Newtown Breastfeeding Centre was an amazing support to me when breastfeeding my first child. I was overwhelmed by new motherhood, sleep deprivation and had a sense of being lost at sea. When I first arrived at the centre I was greeted with warmth, acceptance and kindness. They put me at ease and treated my breastfeeding issue seriously and help me fix the issue I was having surprisingly quickly. I felt such a sense of relief after feeling so stuck and unsure of how to resolve it. I was in pain and battling feeding w my baby. I had started to avoid feeding on one side and it could have caused further feeding issues and and also affected my babies well being. Young babies and new mothers are incredibly vulnerable. Access to such a supportive and women focused service is vital. I am incredibly grateful years later to have had that support and professional care. Now I have another baby I am reassured to know the centre is still operating and that I can go there if I have issues again. Thank you so much for what you do. 

It is joyful but also overwhelming to become a new mother and support received from people like Liora makes a big difference in this journey. Liora took the time to provide excellent suggestions on breastfeeding. I learned so much from her about my baby and myself. Thank you, Liora!

On the sixth day of my baby’s life, he and I had been struggling to breastfeed in a way that did not hurt me or distress him for his entire life. We had received conflicting advice (and drastic warnings) from every health professional we met, but there was no-one who could just focus on our journey into breastfeeding, and none of the advice we got helped my baby and I break out of the nasty cycle we were in. When I tried to breastfeed, it hurt, and that pain was an early sign of damage that would lead me to favour the other breast while the ‘more injured one’ healed. We came home from hospital and things spiraled. There was no time to celebrate our new baby or take cute photos—we just tried to breastfeed. My baby cried. I cried. None of us slept. My baby lost weight. Then my milk supply dropped sharply and I was afraid I would lose the only way I had to feed my beautiful, crying little boy. Thankfully, a friend recommended the Newtown Breastfeeding Clinic—we found actual expertise in the subtle, complex system of breastfeeding, knowledge of how the different medical professionals could aid us as we worked towards successful breastfeeding, and support for the trying emotional journey my baby and I were on. Without our relationship with Liora, the lactation consultant at Newtown Breastfeeding Clinic, the first months of my baby’s life, and my relationship with him would have turned out very differently.

"I much appreciated Liora's help and support in times of stress and confusion being a new breastfeeding mom. She was very accessible, quick to answer my emails and available for virtual video calls. I wasn't expecting such a fast support as most lactation consultants would only be free the following week. I also appreciated Liora's down-to-earth and compassionate attitude; it always helps when the LC had her own breastfeeding journey and can share her experiences! Many thanks again and I'm sure to be asking for more advices in the future!"

I was having a few issues with breast feeding when my baby reached 4weeks. Up until then I had been using the rugby hold, but found it was more suitable using the cradle hold, howver my little girl was tugging on my nipple and choking as my letdown was too fast, which in turn was giving her gas. We had a video call with Liora who watched me breastfeeding. Straight away she gave me tips on how to improve my baby’s position and recognize my babies visual queue’s. She also helped me with how i can be more comfortable with a good posture. Liora was so kind and warm, right away I felt so at ease with her. My baby and I are feeding much better now, and Liora has followed up to ask how we are going which is great support.

We came across Newtown Breastfeeding and Parenting Support Centre from a Google search when we were desperate for some help breastfeeding our newborn - and we are so grateful to have happened across Liora’s services. 


Liora has supported us exclusively online - and we think this has worked incredibly well. Liora has managed to respond very quickly and set up meetings with us right when we needed them.

We’ve had several online sessions with Liora which have helped (and importantly, encouraged) us a lot on our breastfeeding journey. Liora has also checked in and helped us out through ongoing messages online. She has been able to provide very practical advice through these sessions and her gentle and kind yet confident manner was exactly what we needed.


We can’t state enough how great Liora’s support has been. We feel so lucky that she’s been able to support us through several issues we’ve faced - and her online support to us hasn’t been limited to just advice around breastfeeding but also more broadly around the many challenges with a newborn. 

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